Whiteman Vega Edit

Whiteman Vega is a Staffed Camp in the lower Valle Vidal. It is the center for mountain biking at Philmont, and also is a major trail for the cattle that are driven through the Valle Vidal during the summer months. It has an windmill near the staff area, the only source of water for the hundreds of cattle that pass through the area. It is advisable to collect water from the pipe end and not the tank, as it is slightly clean but must still be purified. Whiteman Vega is home to a large Yurt, much like the other staffed camps in the Valle Vidal. There are several mountain biking courses around the camp, as well as a fledgling triathlon-type event in which participants ride bikes and shoot targets. Like most other camps in the Valle Vidal, it is a Leave No Trace area, and does not feature Bear bag lines or permanent sumps. The staff area contains a small Swap Box and several dozen bikes.