The Valle Vidal (or Valle) is part of Carson National Forest, which borders the northern portion of Philmont. The camps within Philmont which are close to the border are Dan Beard and Rich Cabins.

The treks which venture into the Valle take part in Leave No Trace camping. The techniques that involve no-trace camping are taught to the treks along with the normal training that is required. The itineraries are designed for backpackers with experience, as cross country travel may occur.

Unlike the campgrounds within Philmont, no amenities which are found in most campsites are found in the Valle. No latrines, bear cables, fire circles, or sumps are located at any of the campgrounds.

Staffed CampsEdit

Whiteman Vega, Ring Place, and Seally Canyon.

Trail CampsEdit

McCrystal Creek, Iris Park, and Greenwood Canyon

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