Tooth Ridge
Type trail camp
Campsites 18
Elevation 8,240 ft.
Latitude 36°27.09' North
Longitude 104°59'50" West
Water location none
Facilities none
Program bouldering
Camp Director N/A

Tooth Ridge Camp is a camp located within Philmont. Tooth Ridge Camp is often times the last camp that backpacking crews use before a return back to Philmont's base camp. One of its most scenic and beautiful camps, Tooth Ridge Camp sits 3/4 mile east of The Tooth of Time (elevation 9,003 feet) and itself sits at 8,240 feet in the midst of tall, broad ponderosa pines.

Situated at north latitude and 104°59'50" west longitude, Tooth Ridge Camp is a dry camp-- you must pack in your own water-- but it is recommended that you arrive earlier in the day, if possible, to enjoy the rock scrambles around the camp, the views from the many strategic points, and finally, to enjoy an evening hike up to the top of the Tooth at sunset.

Long one of the favorite camps of just about all who visit it, Tooth Ridge Camp is bright and open, yet shaded thanks to the tall ponderosa pines. Since so many crews spend their last night on the trail at Tooth Ridge, friendships are often forged during that last evening that last for a lifetime.