A swap box is a large box that is used for the exchange of food at staff camps. The swap box concept works on the notion that if a crew is unable or unwilling to eat all the food issued to them by Philmont, they will place their uneaten and unopened containers of food in the box. This food may then be taken by a crew or crew member who wants more food than is issued, or who may have lost their rations. Swap Boxes are only found in staffed camps, and generally vary in size depending on the popularity and amount of traffic of the camp. Not every staffed camp has a swap box. They are generally latchable or lockable and kept on the porch of the staff's main building (so as not to be taken by bears) or may be small enough to be taken inside the building or yurt every night. They are not featured in every Staffed camp, but are most always found in those with a Commissary.