Sump Edit

A sump is a cleaning device of Leave No Trace origin found in almost all backcountry camps other than the Valle Vidal.A sump is comprised of a metal wire screen stretched over a cylindrical PVC joint, which is then attached to a PVC pipe that runs about twenty feet into the ground. Sumps are used to dispose of semi-liquid waste from cleaning and cooking of philmont food. The pot in which the cooking or cleaning was done has water boiled in it, after which a scrubbie pad is used to pull as mcuh food out as possible. The pot is carried to the sump, water and all. The Crews sump frisbee is placed about an inch above theh sumps wire mesh, and the pots contents are poured into it. The water and small bits of food are strained out and fall down the pipe, and the solid food residue is scraped off of the sump frisbee and screen and placed into a plastic bag for disposal. Sumps are also often used by crew members when brushing their teeth to minimize the chance of leaving used toothpaste around the camp. Cooking pots and eating implements are placed next to the sump after cleaning so as to keep them away from the tents in the event of critters. In the event that a sump is not available in a camp, a natural sump may be made out of rocks and pine needles or grass. The rocks are placed on the ground in a pyramidal fashion, and the grass or needles are placed on top of the rocks. The sump is then used in the normal fashion, though the grass or needles are put in a plastic bag for disposal. The sump is then kicked apart and spread to keep with the Leave No Trace principles.