Ring Place
Type staffed camp
Campsites None(LNT Camping)
Elevation 7,800'
Latitude 36° 46' 19.6" N
Longitude 105° 07' 16.9" W
Water location Tank on Trailer, potable
Facilities Commissary, Composting Toilet
Program Astronomy
Camp Director {{{director}}}

The Ring Place Camp is located in the Valle Vidal. It's program includes a night time astronomy lecture, in which staff members will use a laser pointer and a large telescope to point out different constellations to crews. The camp has several buildings, most of which are original from the first inhabitants. Several of these building's are boarded up, as they are inhabited by Hanta-virus carrying rats. The camp also features the 30k, the only composting toilet in the Valle Vidal, which took $30,000 dollars to obtain the permits for and to build. Water is obtained by way of a water tank on a trailer. The camp also has a large public trail going through it.