Rich Cabins
Type staffed camp
Campsites None (LNT)
Elevation 7,800'
Latitude  ?
Longitude  ?
Water location in-camp spigots
Facilities Commissary
Program homesteading simulation
Camp Director  ?

Rich Cabins is a camp managed by Philmont but located on a portion of the Vermejo Ranch, which is owned by Ted Turner. The Rich family lived at this location in the late 1890s to the 1920s.

Activities Edit

The program here is homesteading and includes: historical cabin tours, gardening, wood working (some years), catching chickens, milking cows, and various projects that the staff may be working on to improve the camp. There is also a commissary where trail food can be picked up.

History Edit

1992 was the first year this was a staff camp. The first Camp Director had been begging Philmont for some long boards to make a large table to put in the huge dining room. There used to be a bridge over the Middle Ponil along the road way up canyon by the 4WD road to Iris Park. One day there was a huge storm, and the staff noticed parts this bridge were floating down the stream. Next thing you know, the staff is out grabbing the pieces that included about 15 foot long boards. Using their woodworking knowledge, the staff turned this into the long table that is still in the dining room. The white fixtures in the kitchen were also built by the 1992 staff. The largest bed in the back bedroom was built by the staff in 1999. Two of the beds in this back bedroom wre built by the 2003 staff. One of the beds in the front bedroom was built by the staff in 2001. The other bed in the front bedroom was built by the 2003 staff. During the 2002 year, the porch swing was "borrowed" by the wranglers at Ponil. The 2003 staff proceeded to built 3 porch swings for the biggest porch used by Philmont.