The ranger challenge is a hike that starts out at Dan Beard and ends at Carson Meadows. The hike starts at the northern most camp to the southern most camp in Philmont.

Many staff members attempt this each summer. They carry at least a 40 pound pack while attempting this challenge. The length of the course is thirty five miles and generally most try to complete it in less than a day if there is no stopping.

Many who attempt this begin the challenge at night when it is cool, thus avoiding the heat. They also usually carry large amounts of water and many protein bars. Most who partake in this hike with very few breaks and they hike throughout the day and night until they get to the end point

One of the toughest parts of the challenge is making it past Schaeffer's Pass in the final stages. But once past that point, many consider that you are home free. Also, there are those who do this and have kept records. Some try to attempt to beat previous records. Others do this just to be able to say they have completed it. Either way it is considered a badge of honor to have completed this intense feat..The record for the ranger challenge is 15 and a half hours which was probably done with no stopping.

Shaferr's pass