Philmont Traing Camp (PTC)
Type Staffed Camp
Campsites PTC Tent City
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Latitude 36° 27' 30" N
Longitude 104° 56' 54" W
Water location Purified water
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The Philmont Training Center, commonly called the PTC, has functioned as such for the Boy Scouts of America since 1950. The PTC offers week-long training conferences from June through September for council, district, and unit volunteers, BSA professionals, and youth leaders. The PTC also offers age-specific activities for family members including a Mountain Trek hiking program for youth ages 14 to 20.


Families arrive at the PTC on Sunday and depart on the following Saturday. Meals are served in dining halls, and participants are housed in large wall tents on platforms with twin beds and cabinet located near showers, restrooms, medical facilities, and recreation areas.

Conferences use the latest tools, audiovisuals, and techniques and are led by a faculty of experienced BSA leaders. The program fees include meals, lodging, and conference and family program materials.


Wealthy oil magnate and wilderness enthusiast Waite Phillips amassed a large part of the old Beaubien and Miranda land grant in the 1920s, totaling over 300,000 acres. Phillips built a large residence in the lowlands of Philmont. He turned the ranch into a private game reserve for himself and friends, and built a number of hunting lodges and day-use camps. Phillips sometimes allowed others including a few Boy Scout troops to visit his ranch. He was so impressed with the Scouts that in 1938 he donated 35,857 acres of his land to the Boy Scouts of America. In 1941, Phillips added more Philmont property, including the Villa Philmonte, bringing the total to 127,395 acres[1] Facilities surrounding the Villa Philmonte were built and it became the National Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America in 1950. Tours are now offered of the Villa Philmonte, as the residence is now a museum instead of being used as classrooms.