The Latrine is a Philmont Scout Ranch campsite toilet.

    • The enclosed configuration, with walls and a red roof, is known for obvious reasons as a Red Roof Inn. Older Red Roof Inns contain two adjacent seats and no door, while newer models have two back-to-back seats, with a wall between and swinging doors on either side.
    • The open-air style with two adjacent seats is affectionately called the "pilot to copilot" design; this results from the joking conversation which often takes place between two campers using the toilet simultaneously.
    • The other configuration, called the "pilot to bombardier", is generally preferred because its two seats are back-to-back and offer somewhat more privacy than the "pilot to copilot".
    • Occasionally a "single pilot" - one open-air seat - may be found. Philmont latrines of all types are known to house spiders, whose bite induces a rash.

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