Hunting Lodge is a staffed camp North of Clark's Fork, South of Cimmaroncito, and East of Cypher's Mine. It is just North of Cimarroncito Reservoir and Cathedral Rock. The Hunting Lodge camp is based around a log cabin built by Waite Phillips for his hunting trips on the ranch.

Program Edit

The Hunting Lodge program is based around of tours of the cabin. Any crew coming through, whether staying the night or passing through, can receive a tour. Tours last about a half hour. The staff talks about the history of the lodge, and how it relates to the history of the ranch.

For overnight crews staying at the camp, there is often an evening song and story routine, performed by the staff.

The Cabin Edit

The cabin itself is U-Shaped in plan. There are 5 rooms: two bedrooms, the dining room, the breezeway, and the kitchen. It is a ponderosa pine log cabin construction, with concrete chinking in between the logs.

There are several animal mounts around the cabin. These include a javelina hog, a canvas-back duck, a pintail duck, and a mule deer. These are not originals, but were provided by the BSA. They are all of species that one time lived on the ranch.

Staff Living Edit

The camp has a purified water spigot on premises. There is some electricity in the cabin, with an outlet only in the staff bedroom and lights in the staff bedroom and kitchen. All cooking is done on a wood-burning stove in the kitchen. The stove is not an original, it was purchased by the BSA.