Type staff camp
Campsites 14
Elevation 7,600'
Water location well, purified
Facilities none
Program shotgun shooting, burro racing
Camp Director

Harlan is named after Thomas Harlan. Burro racing and shotgun shooting are two activities that available at this camp.

Harlan's AO(Area of Operation) extends the entire width of the Philmont property at the central chokepoint of the hourglass shape of the property. This has dubbed the Harlan AO as the "Harlanian Hot Gates" aptly named after the famous mountain pass Thermopylae ("Hot Gates" in Greek), and the Harlan staff as the "Harlanian Minute-Men" after their ability to pause program and have a "Hasty" team ready at full operational ability in under a minute. All North-South treks and all South-North treks pass through the Harlanian Hot Gates.

In the summer of 2014, Harlan was conquered by SGT. Samuel Aguilar III USMC and his Shotgun Squad of Six, along with the ferocious puma code-named "Grim Reaper" and the Earthbending Cons. At the end of the conquest Harlan was renamed Fort Harlan with MARDET (Marine Detachment) HARLAN manning the critical mountain pass.

Casualties sustained of Harlan OPFOR:

- 237 mice

- 1 sweat lodge

- 141 packets of Jalapeno squeeze cheese

- 178 containers of chocolate donuts

- 2 Rangers

- 11 participants

Casualties sustained of MARDET HARLAN:


It is also a well known fact that the Harlan staff of 2014 was the best camp staff of all time, not just of Harlan but of all Philmont's camps in the entirety of Philmont history.