In 2001 Merril Press published a book by Michael Connelly entitled, RIDERS IN THE SKY-THE GHOSTS AND LEGENDS OF PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH. In a radio interview the author claimed that a ghost followed him home after he completed his research and the house guest remains to this day.

If the ghastly spirits in the book actually do manifest for the visitors and staff, Philmont certainly wouldn't trumpet that information. After all, not many parents would want their sons and daughters to stumble across a scene of natives skinned alive then left hanging or staked out, or the specter of a miner with his throat cut greeting folks as they enter a cabin at the ranch.

One headless ghost, the spirit of a little girl was reportedly the victim of a mining practice known as "hydraulicking" where high pressure water was blasted against the cliffs to wash gold and other minerals down. The disturbing vision of that child could leave a visitor in need of therapy.