Dan Beard
Type staff camp
Campsites 12(10 Regular, 2 LNT)
Elevation 7,900'
Latitude 36º 40' 41" N
Longitude 105º 5' 18" W
Water location spigot, potable
Program Leave No Trace, Challenge events
Camp Director

Dan Beard is located on the border of North Country and the Valle Vidal. It is the location of a large fire that burned many parts of the Carson National Forest. The program is challenge events at Dan Beard.

It is located right on the border of the Valle Vidal and is the Northern most camp on Philmont's property.


The camp consists of a large meadow and a cabin with a smaller cabin to the side of that. In the heart of the meadow is the challenge course wall. To the west of the camp is a road that is very steep and crews often take several breaks on the way up to the challenge course. The road has even been nicknamed "The Calf Blaster" by rangers. The views are breathtaking once up there however.

Steep view

Crew are taken up this strenuous hike to get to the bulk of the challenge course activities which include: a tire ring, a rope swing, the box challenge and others. Crews generally participate in any number of activities depending on the size of the group, weather on top of the course, and time available. (inclement weather and lightning will sometimes force the activities on top of the challenge course and on the wall to stop because it is dangerous)

The reason for the challenge course is for crews to bond, build trust, learn to communicate better and work together as a team which is especially critical in the wild. Getting along and laughter is encouraged and almost all crews report the challenge activities as being positive for them and their group.

After this, there is a group talk that is offered in the Valle Vidal every evening as one staff member takes them over the border and discusses conservation and it's importance. Most crews travel onward to Rich Cabins or further into the Valle Vidal from Dan Beard.

Dan Beard also gets the pleasure to host many rangers each summer because it is the beginning spot of what is known infamously as the Ranger Challenge. The Ranger Challenge is a non-stop hike from the Northern most point of Philmont to the Southern most point in the ranch without stopping. Staff members attempt this every year and the origin point is Dan Beard.

The spider
The wall2