Comanche Peak
Type trail camp
Campsites  ?
Elevation 11,100'
Latitude 36°28.84' North
Longitude 105°08.23' West
Water location none
Facilities latrine
Program nature
Camp Director N/A

Comanche Peak Camp is a camp located within Philmont. Comanche Peak is a large, spacious unstaffed camp located immediately to the east of Mount Phillips. Backpackers staying at this 11,100 foot high campsite enjoy tall ponderosa pines that provide a canopy for each crew. The camp is located at 36°28.84' north latitude and 105°08.23' west longitude on Comanche Peak.

While Comanche Peak Camp is a dry camp-- you must pack in your water-- the evening sunset views of Mounts Phillips and Baldy to the immediate west and northwest are worth it, and are a highlight for many a Philmont crew! Thoughtful trekkers that have come before have made convenient natural rock "lounge chairs" on the side of the mountain.

Wildlife abounds in the area, including mule deer, elk and black bear.