Clark's Fork
Type staffed camp
Campsites 18
Elevation 7,530'
Latitude 36°28.01' North
Longitude 105°02.88' West
Water location in-camp spigots
Facilities showers
Program Western Lore, Horse Rides, Chuckwagon Dinner
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Clark's Fork Camp is a camp located within Philmont. Clark's Fork is a very large and busy western-themed camp, close to Philmont base camp. For dinner, Scouts and leaders are served a "chuckwagon" beef stew, a signature of Philmont. Many 'crews' (trekking groups usually consisting of ten Scouts and two adult leaders) take trail rides on the camps horses. Rides can be reserved in advance by crew leaders.

Clark's Fork is one possible location to get belts, boots and other gear branded with the Philmont horse brand or cattle brand.

Situated at 36°28.01' North latitude and 105°02.88' West longitude, Clark's Fork is fairly close to Philmont Base Camp.

In 2012, Clark's Fork became an interpretation camp set in the year 1850 (with great success) as a trial for all three western-themed camps.  Whether or not Ponil and Beaubien will follow suit is still being decided upon.